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Boys of the Slums Hornbill Video [DVDRip]

Boys of the Slums Hornbill Video [DVDRip]

Sex in a slum, or at least a run down building, by a bunch of longhaired guys that complain about their situation in spite of all the foreskin they have to play with.1.1. The Club House Three very young and very, very hot guys get together in their makeshift clubhouse. They're just kids who like to mess around, but once they get started, they don't stop. They may be young, but they know what they want, with their hard cocks and open mouths and asses all ready for action. Hard action. Maybe you've heard about boys' clubs before, but we'll bet you've never seen the kind of rough and tumble sloppy sex that these eager boys have with each other. 1.2. Two uncut guys fuck. 2.1. New Boy in Town An attractive new boy in th neighborhood is a natural for the club, but first he has to pass the initiation. That means the pants come down and the cocks go up while one of the experienced boys tries out the new kid's talents. While the two of them are getting it off, two others are on the roof sunning. Since their clothes are already off, they're pretty much ready for action, and soon they're going at each other as if they invented sucking and fucking. Wait till you see these hungry kids feast on each other. Two guys in Florida suck and fuck besides a pool while the slum guys bitch in envy. 2.2. Two 'new' guys suck and fuck. 3.1. In the Alley First a straight kid is brought into the club for a little trade. The club member who finds him glues his mouth around the straight kid's fat, hard cock to give him a good idea of all the hot sex he's missing. You know the kid will be back for more . . . . Later that night a terrific blond finds a dark young lovers sitting on the stairs. Both of them are hung, humpy and horny. You just won't believe these boys. Two guys in a stairwell suck and fuck. 3.2. Somebody finds money and they all live happily ever after.

Genre of video: Oral, Vintage, Anal, Shot on film
Cast: Bill Kaiser, Carey Langdon, Davey Williams, Frank Dobbs, John Carmon, Lew Zion, Mike Anthony (II), Nick Dozer, Troy Ballard
Duration: 01:02:18

Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: MPEG-4 Visual, 512x384, 25.000 Fps, 1 246 kb/s
Format: avi
Size: 584.2 MB

Download Bill Kaiser, Carey Langdon, Davey Williams, Frank Dobbs, John Carmon, Lew Zion, Mike Anthony (II), Nick Dozer, Troy Ballard - Boys of the Slums from VipFile

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